The Real Threat


Given the constant stream of Hollywood end-of-the-world calamity blockbuster movies, many are generally distracted from the real-life disaster scenario actually facing us. The globalists are advancing their evil agenda at every turn, and time is running short to effectively oppose them. They are the real existential threat facing humanity.

One example of this threat is our growing dependency upon processed foods. Often shipped long distance via crammed distribution systems, this has created a vulnerability to food supply disruption unparalleled in human history.

The prairie farmer of a century ago generally possessed a healthier and more secure food supply than the vast majority of today’s urban denizens. Most modern Westerners may own land freely, but are effectively indentured servants to industrial food manufacturers and the phalanx of captured regulatory agencies now overseeing food and agriculture.

We tend to suppress or dismiss alarms that the North American food supply—for decades the global leader in technological advances in plants and livestock—could in fact be vulnerable to a seismic disruption. We perhaps understandably now take our food for granted: the average household food budget has long hovered just under 10% of gross income, and food choice variety in products (including ethnic options) has never been greater.

Yet there are fractures within this amazingly productive system. Not everything produced is healthy for human ecosystems. Economic and other trade-offs made to create this fake “green revolution” in agriculture and food distribution present a devil’s bargain. At the risk of forecasting doom, permit me to critically assess some profound and growing threats against which preventive measures might be wisely employed.

The migration of rural populations into cities for better pay and amenities over the past century or so has coincided with previously inconceivable standards of comfort. Urban workers overflowed into the suburbs, where increasing amounts of land were irrevocably removed from local agrarian uses in favour of cheaper foods shipped from larger, more efficient, highly productive areas. For example, most of Alberta’s dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese are produced clear across the country in Quebec to support their trade cartel.

The trade-off for cheap food was consolidation and mechanization, which dramatically shifted our food production and distribution from the local and diverse to the massive and homogenous. Much like Walmart and Boston Pizza displaced mom-and-pop general stores and family restaurants, the consolidation of farming and food processing lowered prices but also limited choice. This rapid technological transition was fed a reliable diet of cheap fossil fuels to replace the arcane labour of mule, horse, and humans.

The resulting benefits to this conversion in agricultural infrastructure are obvious, though so too are numerous health problems. What is not readily apparent to most consumers is how vulnerable this seemingly miraculous system is to disruption or even destruction. Consider just some of the weak links and potential modern threats.

Many of the technological advances that have improved agrarian efficiency or yields carry corresponding novel risks. Today, most food is transported long distances—including internationally—in container ships that clog a paltry handful of backed up ports, frantic to transfer goods onto a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks. These often refrigerated trailers are the chief means by which we get our goodies aplenty via Amazon or otherwise. Our roadways are congested with constant traffic, packed into overflowing truck stops and paused in breakdown lanes. It truly is a fantastic feat of free-market capitalism.

But then the war in Ukraine impacted world grain supplies and prices. The Covid pandemic brought unprecedented spikes in fertilizer prices that still persist. An expanding war in Ukraine, an incursion by China into Taiwan, an electromagnetic pulse, an oil crisis, or even a trade war with China could send ripples of supply disruptions around the globe almost overnight—including right here at home. Canada’s tumultuous social fabric is torn. Extreme social unrest could close major highways. The fiat dollar is weak and declining, aggravated by reckless money supply policies and poor regulatory oversight. Hyperinflation, currency collapse, escalating carbon taxes, creeping censorship, and electronic government replacement currency all continue to loom over the nation and its fragile food distribution system.

The creepy crew at the WEF claim that the next great threat to the world is the cyber-attack. How would our food supply system fare, given the myriad of potential vulnerabilities this contingency presents? The WEF was nearly prescient about the pandemic; will the WHO declare another one of those—this time with higher mortality and a more panicked run on groceries?

Globalization offers many cost savings and efficiencies but obscures real threats. A balanced domestic agricultural system requires small or medium-sized farms distributed throughout the rural landscape. Having abandoned that interconnectedness in favour of the ‘big’, we are gambling like no society in human history. No people has ever been so divorced from its soul.

Support your local farmer, and keep your eye on that food birdie. Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Pol Pot all understood the colossal power of food to subjugate the masses. Klaus Schwab and his ilk are not nearly as noble. The real reason European and North American farmers are being undermined has little to do with carbon dioxide or nitrates.

All of which begs the question: will our historical era be remembered as the “age of fakes”?

We have fake news, fake meat, fake elections, fake genders, fake vaccines, fake budgets, fake democracy, fake truths, fake hate, fake genocides, fake insurrections, fake climate emergencies, fake freedoms, fake outrage, fake hate speech crimes, fake money, fake justice, fake intellects, fake women, fake wars, and even fake political leaders. In some ways, it is a very silly time to be alive.

So much of our fake world has been built upon two monstrously fake foundations: fake progress and fake liberalism. Over a combined quarter century in office since 1968, Prime Ministers Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his son Justin have redefined progress as something that only Big Government can provide. Instead of celebrating human innovation, artistic achievement, work ethic, and private entrepreneurship as the essential ingredients for any prosperous future, progressivism insists that nothing of value can be achieved absent a strong centralized government and a bloated administrative state.

Pierre Trudeau used his Charter to redefine liberalism as a collection of freedoms that only government can provide. Instead of recognizing human liberty as diametrically opposed to coercive state power, the Trudeau brand of liberalism insists that only new laws, new social programs, new regulatory agencies, and newly discovered rights can ever make us free. In the last century of perverse word games, progressivism promised progress and liberty but instead burdened us with the heavy weight of governmental chains.

Canada’s commitment to individual liberty, private property, and free speech once distinguished it from most other countries. Polls from nations around the world continue to show that humans are dreadfully unhappy. With new gadgets, Taylor Swift, and trending hashtags being constantly unveiled, should not the global population be sufficiently entertained? With a never-ending string of celebrities advocating for the “most important” causes of our times, why are lonely people still without purpose?

Or could it be that we humans—regardless of race, religion, or nationality—are wired to seek something more than shiny knockoffs, fleeting pleasures, and engineered emergencies that devilishly clamoring for our attention? Perhaps somewhere beyond the ill-used brain of every social media addict is a lonely soul desperate for authentic truth. Perhaps a growing share of the population sees this glittery globalist cage as disappointingly fake.

In the end, what happens when the world is driven mad by frauds, hoaxes, and shams?

Social revolutions begin. In search of meaningful lives, people will reject the fake authorities controlling them. One of the first to go will be our fake academic institutions, which no longer serve any authentic educational purpose. Consider how far the state of Western education has fallen. Education was once seen as the silver bullet against social inequality. It was widely understood that providing students with the foundations of civilized knowledge equipped them with the tools to construct better lives. Dedication to creation of an educated and self-sufficient society stood in stark contrast to the European colleges which catered to perpetuation of an entrenched aristocracy. We understood that promotion of learning across all social classes simultaneously promotes individual liberty over state tyranny. Destroying a ruling class monopoly on knowledge disarms its monopoly on power.

Note that knowledge is the key here—not the mere acquisition of some fancy degree. What does a conferred degree mean today? That a student has proven mastery in the arts and sciences? Or does it virtue signal that they have been deemed a politically correct cog for a world gripped by groupthink? Do universities still reward genius, hard work, and merit; or are they mere intellectual mediocrity factories?

The thing about real education is that nobody can give it to you; it must be pursued and earned. As colleges transitioned toward treating degrees like government bestowed fake rights, they stopped producing genuine thinkers. Fake educations and fake degrees have instead produced a society ill-equipped to fight for individual liberty against the threats of resurgent government tyranny. Fake experts maintain authority only when citizens lack the intellectual acumen to object. It is as if government funding of fake intellectuals has been part of the ‘progressive’ plan along.

So social revolution begins in the schools—or away from the schools, that is. Interest in homeschooling will continue to grow. Bright young minds bristling at the dogma now being taught at overpriced colleges will soon discover better ways to learn. Real thinkers will rebel against intellectual prisons teaching WOKE nonsense over the rich canon of Western scholarship. Parents will refuse to subject their children to the racist and sexualized curricula of Marxist indoctrination camps disguised as classrooms. Degrees that are earned without rigor will be understood as expensive fakes.

Then one day, some entrepreneur will decide that it is more important to hire people who can actually keep planes from falling out of the sky than to staff up with politically correct folks who know only how to protest against hydrocarbon energy and pro-Hamas. Since academic institutions have betrayed their essential purpose, employer-administered entrance examinations and other meritocratic tests might even replace the utility of college degrees. The state stranglehold over thinking people is already crumbling underfoot.

Lenin once ominously boasted: “give me four years to teach children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” John D. Rockefeller selfishly insisted “I do not want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers.” These sentiments have destroyed Western genius and resiliency for the last century, and the damage cannot be undone overnight. A society taught not to think for itself is one that knows no other course of action than to blindly obey. As Dr. Thomas Sowell puts it:

Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.

However, when government artifice and manipulation become so outlandish that everything appears fake, traditional control mechanisms fall apart. Long-slumbering populations wake from their state-induced hypnotic trance much like a hungry bear emerging from hibernation —shaky at first but soon ferocious. Just as Central European countries trapped behind the Iron Curtain rebelled against the fake premises of Soviet communism, freedom-minded peoples of the West are already rejecting the fake premises of WEF/UN climate change communism and “build back better”. They are not willing to let Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and other fake experts control their lives with fake vaccines and digital IDs. They are unprepared to live in a national security surveillance state offering their children merely fake futures.

Over the past several decades, within the ranks of its academic practitioners, an incipient displeasure with Western Civilization took hold within the Humanities and gradually developed into outright hostility.

This attitude was at first manifested by a growing reluctance to engage with the vast literary output of Western humanity, whose creative strivings were summed up dismissively as the work of “dead white males” and deemed irrelevant to the late 20th century and beyond. If ‘educators’ had their way, those geniuses would be silenced; for as white men, they have nothing to contribute and no reason to continue their discourse with the world of ideas.

Eventually, the literary achievements of the entire West were under assault—along with the attainments in most other fields of creative endeavour—meaning that the prodigious accomplishments of European women are now included in the body of work suddenly anathema to modern “scholars” captured by the allure of a fashionable Zeitgeist. The position women held on the intersectional totem pole was insufficient to offset their inescapable association with the European colonizer.

The trajectory of shifting values is something the general public became cognizant of only gradually and with varying degrees of alarm. Decades ago, it was shocking for anyone to openly disparage the staggering achievements of the Western literary mind, be it male or female—let alone that this assessment would become academic dogma. It was as if someone were attempting to wrench the great passion of life right from our arms. It had become obvious that the barbarians were dismantling the high points of achievement in civilization generally.

Now I am left numb with disbelief that any high school English teacher in the Anglosphere could seriously propose that reading and writing are activities “bad” by association with something our culture condemns. Such attack is no longer directed toward the “high points of civilization”, but rather toward the building blocks of civilizational development—and maintenance.

A recent report out of Seattle stated that as part of their ‘BLM at school week’, World Literature and Composition students at a local High School were given a handout with definitions of the 9 characteristics of white supremacy. They were told that worship of the written word is white supremacy since it is ‘an erasure of the wide range of ways we communicate with each other.’ According to this worksheet, white people:

“Hyper-value written communication because it is a form of honoring only what is written and even then only what is written to a narrow standard, full of misinformation and lies.”

We would do well to urge the illiterate agitators who conjure up this nonsense to recall the white Ancient Greeks, who for centuries listened to poets recite Homeric epic poems. Or tell this to the Sumerians, who as part of an oral poetic culture, invented writing for the practical purpose of record-keeping. And then there are the Chinese and the Mayans, who independently invented their own systems of writing on opposite sides of the globe.

All of this should make one thing clear, even though it will not shock anyone: ruling class leftists are a complete fraud.

This is on rope of all their other issues; but everywhere you look, they are busily scamming society. Sure, they want to control and run our lives, but it is much worse than that. Their actions are based upon cynical fake premises. As British author Douglas Murray puts it:

At the heart of which attitude lies the strange retributive instinct of our time towards the past which suggest that we know ourselves to be better than people in history because we know how they behaved and we know that we would have behaved better. There is a gigantic modern fallacy at work here.

They feign concern over guns, but that is because they do not want anyone to have the ability to resist them. They are perfectly happy with guns around them when needed for their own protection. Take Justin Trudeau’s expanding armed security detail as one such example.

Ruling class leftists are always faking concern over global cooling, global warming, climate change, or whatever is the latest buzzword; but they still buy beach houses beside supposedly rising oceans. They still fly around the world on private jets to attend climate conferences when they could easily help save the planet by conducting business virtually over Zoom.

They supposedly want to redistribute wealth, but they are really just hoarding it themselves. Before leftists respond with the irrelevant factoid that many on the pro-freedom right are rich, we must first remark that capitalists are not at all for wealth redistribution. So the far left bears the burden of explaining this hypocrisy alone. It is one thing to achieve and become wealthy out of merit, but quite another to then call for destruction of others. That is a big difference distinguishing the two sides.

The Marxist mantra of “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs” was first expressed three centuries before Marx and 5 centuries ago, in St. Thomas More’s tract “Utopia” (1516):

“I hold well with Plato, and do nothing marvel that he would make no laws for them that refused those laws, whereby all men should have and enjoy equal portions of wealth and commodities.”

More was referring to the concepts of an Ideal State from Plato in Ancient Greece, showing that these ideas have been around for centuries and that ‘wealth equality’ has always been a ruling class scam to enrich themselves. Plato himself hailed from one of the wealthiest Athenian families of his era.

Ruling class leftists become quite wealthy by exploiting their positions of state control to enrich themselves. They will buy votes with other’s money taken at gunpoint without ever considering the prospect of sharing the money they graft from their exercise of power.

So how do we convince rank-and-file leftists of these facts?
How do we make them understand that ruling-class leftists are only out for themselves?

If they are liars in one area, then perhaps they are also dishonest in all other respects, and simply cannot be trusted.

The ‘useful innocents’ need to know that virtue signals are based upon false pretenses and that the promised wealth redistribution is entirely fake; just like all of the false promises of progressivism, the hideous truth the far left ruling class works so hard to conceal is the real threat facing humanity.

In the immortal words of G.K. Chesterton:

Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.

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