Return to Reason is a collective of news and commentaries offering a refreshing and straightforward perspective of Canadians events, culture, and social issues.

You have a right to think for yourself. And as freedoms continue to erode across Canada and truth is hidden by censorship, the need for unbiased journalism and bold thought leaders is more important than ever. That's why Return to Reason endeavours to present the whole story—so you can make fully informed, wise decisions and bring positive change to your life, community, and the nation.


Under the Return to Reason banner are a growing number of shows. Our hosts approach current topics head-on, armed with reliable facts and the balanced perspectives you won't find in legacy media.

Join the unfiltered conversations on Citizen where Jeremy Prest and David Craig candidly share their perspective on current Canadian issues. Featuring guests who are experts in their fields, you'll have the chance to wrestle with the facts and come to your own conclusions. No topic is off the table.

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Grey Matter is a curation of conversations with leaders from around the world. Leighton Grey tackles often-taboo subjects, thinks outside the box, and relishes the opportunity to go beyond the narrow worldviews that are so prevalent today. Dare to challenge your mindset and broaden your perspective.

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Hosted by David Leis from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Leaders on the Frontier strives to ignite a better vision for the future of Canada. With thoughtful insight and a drive to uncover the truth, David and his expert guests examine current affairs, public policy, and our responsibility as Canadians.

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Get the facts. Ask questions. Find the truth. Be a responsible citizen. Build hope for the future of Canada.
More Return to Reason series are in development and coming soon.

The Foundation of Return to Reason

Leon Fontaine | 1962-2022

Leon Fontaine was synonymous with excellence in leadership. He led multiple, thriving non-profit organizations and impacted millions through various outreach programs. He was a gifted public speaker and welcomed thousands to multiple venues each week. His early training as a paramedic forged a strong desire to care for people—physically, mentally, and spiritually. His inspired yet practical approach to business and personal growth made him a sought-after conference speaker, strategist, and innovative thinker around the world.

Even with his international appeal, Leon remained unwaveringly dedicated to his home country of Canada. In fact, it was this passion and love for all Canadians that led him to create Return to Reason. With his wealth of experience, Leon laid out a common-sense perspective that was relatable to all, regardless of their background or worldview. With all that Leon accomplished as an award-winning media personality, author, CEO of two licensed broadcast TV stations, founder of the Corco+ streaming service, and Spirit Contemporary International, his life and legacy will continue to impact many for generations to come.

Leon Fontaine

What is Return to Reason now?

There is a growing appetite for news analysis built on a foundation of common sense and practical insight, free from partisan ideology. As we continue to offer Canadians a refreshing take on world events, culture and issues of morality, we are developing multiple series hosted by unique personalities, all under the banner of Return to Reason.

You may not agree with some of the opinions shared, but you deserve the opportunity to hear the facts, think critically and decide for yourself—the true spirit of freedom of speech. Anyone with an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this collection of TV series, podcasts, opinion columns and news. Return to Reason embodies the strength of everything Leon Fontaine built and the freshness of a team dedicated to innovation. Canada's future is worth preparing for—and the best is yet to come.