Reign of Terror


         A mythical threat is driving young people to madness as they glue themselves to floors, cars and even dinosaurs to protest fossil fuels.  Some of us actually recall when the phrase "climate change" was called "global warming."  But what most of us do not remember is that the former phrase was once called "inadvertent climate modification" back in the progressive 60's & 70's.


    Global warming took hold in the late 1970's in reference to the fallacy that the planet is warming due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.  That came after a 40 year period of global cooling, during which many eminent scientific experts were convinced that we were entering another ice age unless CO2 emissions were radically reduced.  It is now commonly referred to as climate change, because Marxists could not blame global warming for earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, or the flu.  So they blamed capitalism instead.


    The stark reality is that climate change falls far short of describing anything.  It is nothing more or less than a leftist political movement which terrorizes the hearts and minds of young people like Greta Thunberg.  The most tragic consequence of the climate change agenda or industry is not rising sea levels, suicidal walruses, oceans full of plastic, vanishing coral reefs, melting polar ice caps, or polar bear extinction (all of which are fictional).  It is instead the despair and dread engendered in mentally troubled young people, into which they are indoctrinated from the time they leave the womb.  Recent weeks have witnessed teens with climate anxiety disorder defacing priceless works of art with mashed potatoes and tomato soup, and adhering themselves to cars, floors, and even dinosaur fossils.  Of course, it is entirely incoherent how any of this is related to reduction of CO2 emissions, the threat of which has been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked by actual scientists like Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore.


    In his brilliant book, "Fake Invisible Catastrophes And Threats of Doom", Dr. Moore completely disarms every single popular climate scare myth and in the process states some important truths about our planet.  The first of these is that the earth has actually warmed 1-2 degrees over the past century, which is about as long as we have been collecting such data.  Furthermore, most of the world's climate is produced by the oceans where temperatures are obviously challenging to measure.  As a result, we are unlikely to know much about global temperatures until such time as we can properly study the ocean's temperatures for many more years or ensuing decades.  The earth's climate actually cools every time a volcano erupts, sometimes for years.  


    Michael Schellenberger expresses a similar opinion in his book, "Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All".

    There is no proven scientific link between CO2 emissions and temperature or climate.  Even if there were, the goal of reducing CO2 emissions would require the entire planet to stop consuming all fossil fuels; and then it might take centuries before any decrease in greenhouse gases is noticeable, since they remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.  There is still a paucity of evidence that extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods, cyclones, and the like are more extreme today than in the past.  This is a false mantra that mass media and climate activists have hummed so religiously that it is now routinely accepted as truth.  The effectiveness of this technique was perfected by the Nazis.


    As for electric cars, they consume electricity derived from fossil fuels.  Tesla factories are powered by natural gas, not Mr. Musk's inefficient, Obama stimulus loan funded solar panels.  Lithium mines scar the earth in far off countries where children dig the toxic element out of the earth, poisoning themselves so that virtue signalling  Canadians can power their expensive Teslas.  Another inconvenient truth is that the carbon footprint (another fiction) of an electric car is only slightly less than one powered by fossil fuels.


    The point of all this is that none of it is about the climate.  It is about controlling humans.  Three billion people worldwide do not have enough energy to sustain meaningful life, which means that we need more rather than less energy.  People who have no food or shelter could not care less about the climate.


    The reality is nothing on earth generates as much energy, food, health, and overall human flourishing as fossil fuels.  According to one eminent expert, one gallon of gasoline is 50 times more potent than the best Tesla lithium battery.  Deaths attributed to extreme weather events have been reduced by 98% in the past century due to technological advances and human adaptation, a trait singular to our species but which climate hysterics entirely discount.  Even during the most recent hurricane (Ian) in Florida, the death toll was astonishingly low given the storm's ferocity.

    The green Marxists who drive this agenda do not care what alternatives are offered.  They are zealots who simply attack things like natural gas, fracking, and the most carbon neutral, efficient, and sustainable energy source of all-nuclear.  This is because the war is not really being waged against fossil fuels, but rather against humanity.  They say that human action causes climate change, and so humans must be controlled.  That sounds rather like Marxism:

    Curiously, or perhaps purposefully, the most vociferous voices advancing climate hysteria are often seen jetting off to exotic locales to lecture us about our CO2 consumption.  Unfortunately, we are seeing global energy supplies decline as the Marxist green agenda moves leaders like our own Justin Trudeau to suppress domestic energy production and refuse to supply it to nations in need like Germany.

    The greatest danger to Canada is not our climate; it is our Federal government.  Escalating carbon taxes, new nitrogen fertilizer restrictions, inflation, and supply chain issues have all conspired to make it much more difficult for most Canadian families to pay their monthly bills.  It is into this climate of fear that Canada's Covid con artist creeps.  Dr. Teresa Tam, whose credentials as a climate expert are specious, has just released a climate report that is little more than a regurgitation of alarmist theories and dubious arguments.  Dr. Tam, despite her crowning ineptitude as Canada's chief public health officer, is apparently an extraordinary polymath, expert not only in infectious diseases but also in global warming science.  

    She was thus able to convert her annual report on the state of national public health into a 105 page manifesto on climate change:  "Mobilizing Public Health Action on Climate Change in Canada".  As has become expected of documents produced by the Trudeau government, it calls for increased government control dressed up in word salad progressive rubbish and ideology.  According to Tam, without swift and urgent action, climate change "poses catastrophic risks for present and future generations", and "the livability of the planet."  The report claims that cities like New York and Shanghai, neither of which are in Canada, may be underwater within our lifetimes.

    In order to save the planet from this imminent threat, our vaunted and bloated public health bureaucracy must take "assertive and effective action across jurisdictions and sectors." To put this into perspective, Covid-19, which made Tam arguably the most powerful bureaucrat in Canada for over two years, now rates no better than an appendix to her report.  But now there is this other alleged crisis, the management of which demands expansion of her power over virtually every aspect of our lives-literally everything under the sun.

    Tam notes that the severity of climate change's effect upon health is influenced by "structural systems of oppression" such s colonization, racism, ableism, and heteronormativity.  Citing articles from the American Journal of Public Health with titles like "We Need Environmental Health Justice Research and Action for LGBTQ+ People, and "Queering Environmental Justice:  Unequal Environmental Health Burden on the LGBTQ+ Community", Tam laments that climate adaptation efforts have not focused sufficiently upon the experiences of this victim group.

    Tam then expands upon her incredible intellectual genius to lecture us about the law, arguing that "concepts of justice are also important for climate action."  She proceeds to argue for indigenous environmental justice, which requires "a concurrent focus on indigenous knowledge systems, legal orders, governance, and concepts of justice." This focus upon justice also includes prioritizing youth indoctrination so that our kids all become crazed climate activists like gruesome Greta.

    Public health must therefore expand the federal government's mandate to anything even remotely related to health promotion, including:  greening playgrounds, supporting various indigenous projects, public education programs about climate change risks, and conduct climate change assessments.  The report even proposes new mental health programs to address the climate anxiety that the government itself and its mass media have largely created.  

    Ultimately, this is not about a virus or the sun monster.  It is about ever expanding governmental control over every aspect of our lives.  Nor is this new; it is all repackaged Marxism, fuelled by a perpetual state of fear.  In the immortal words of H.L. Mencken:

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