Injustice Unveiled: The Coutts 4 Triumph With Community Support


Picture witnessing your child's life crumble due to lies and misinformation, all seemingly orchestrated for political gains. Such a scenario seems inconceivable, yet it unfolded on the southern edge of Alberta, where Coutts became the unexpected backdrop for a quest for justice.

Legal Turmoil in Coutts: The Unveiled Story of the Coutts 4

The Coutts 4, having been scattered across the province by work and responsibilities after their time at the border blockade, found themselves individually arrested amid grave allegations of conspiring to murder Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers. This legal shock and awe, allegedly fuelled by the federal government’s ambition and apprehensions related to the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, led to months of uncertainty, bail denials, and a sense of isolation during their time in provincial remand facilities.

A Little Help From Some Friends

Amid the turmoil, the Coutts 4 drew strength from members of their communities and beyond. Despite political indifference and limited mainstream media coverage, grassroots efforts—including Facebook pages, local farmer's market discussions, and the work of independent journalists, podcasters, local conversations, and fundraisers—played a pivotal role in shedding light on their stories.

Through these last 700 days, I wondered myself how I would survive an ordeal like this. Losing a home, a career, my reputation... It led me to seek out who was supporting these men and their families. I discovered that their list of supporters was no small collection of names.

Then came media personality Tucker Carlson himself, no stranger to controversy after losing his position at Fox News Network for speaking truth and standing his ground. He heard of the Coutts 4 and began to interview people about the perceived miscarriage of justice.

Tucker Carlson Challenges Media Silence on the Coutts 4

On January 24, 2024, Tucker Carlson was in Calgary, Alberta, for a one-on-one yet very public conversation with Alberta Premier Daniel Smith. Mr. Carlson stepped into the fray, challenging the lack of transparency in mainstream Canadian media. He bluntly asked the Premier:

“Given that the media outlets, the big ones in Canada, are organs of the state, literally, we don’t really know anything about what these four men have been accused of doing. Don’t you think it would send a powerful message to go visit them in jail and find out what they’ve been accused of?”
Tucker Carlson

Coutts 4 Resilience: A Tale of Community Strength and Justice

Fast forward to February 6, 2024, a turning point arrived when Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin accepted plea deals unrelated to the initial allegations. After nearly two years in remand, being denied bail, and marginalized by mainstream media, they finally tasted freedom once again.

The Coutts 4 endured over 700 nights behind bars, and their story, largely overlooked by mainstream media, found a voice through grassroots efforts and unconventional allies. Two men, landscaper Chris Carbert and gravel truck operator Anthony Olienick, remain currently behind bars, expecting an opportunity to advocate for their freedom. As the saying goes, they are still getting by with a little help from their friends.

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