Drag Race to Dictatorship


While on a French-Canadian television show earlier this year, Justin Trudeau lamented that that there were still people in this country who are “fiercely against vaccination, who do not believe in science, they are often misogynistic, also often racists…it is a small group that muscles in.  And we have to make a choice, in terms of leaders, in terms of the country.  Do we tolerate these people?”

Among ‘these people’ are about 7 million well-informed Canadians who refused to participate in an experimental drug trial, even if it cost them their jobs. Also among them were the peacefully protesting Truckers whom Trudeau reviled, refusing so much as to meet with them to address their concerns.  He suspended the civil liberties of an entire country in order to invoke state violence against them over a medical choice.  He froze their bank accounts.  He seized their property.  He arrested a 49 year old Métis grandmother and persecuted her for many months. While testifying under oath at the recent inquiry into use of this Draconian law, Trudeau explained that he did it all to protect us.  He only regrets not getting more people injected with the experimental Covid-19 drugs that are now widely known to be ineffective and to cause grievous injury and even sudden death to otherwise healthy men, women, and children.

More recently, Trudeau made an absurdly campy cameo appearance on an LGBTQ+ television program called “Drag Race”.  He was heralded as the first world leader todo so, and characteristically seized the opportunity to virtue signal:


“Can we move beyond ‘tolerate’ and start embracing, and loving, and accepting, and learning from and being challenged by?  That’s how you build a resilient society…That is what we are trying to do in Canada, and we have a lot of work still to do.”

This is pure hypocrisy, especially his perversion of the very concept of “tolerance.” For him, the word means forced acceptance of and compliance with state imposed dictates of moral depravity. Leftists sanction us for disputation of these extremist policies, and demand active participation in the delusion of others, even to the point of denying objective truth.  When we begin to agree that the sky is red when our eyes tell us that it is blue, then all is lost, and hypocrisy no longer exists. This may be precisely the point with Justin Trudeau.  Perhaps he is grooming us to hypocrisy as the normal state of things for the elite class. They shall have that freedom, whereas we must all comply with state diktats, lest we suffer cancellation, arrest, imprisonment, or worse.  

Nothing about Justin Trudeau’s tenure as our Prime Minister has been ethical or honest. He has on 5 separate occasions been found in violation of Parliamentary ethics regulations, which constitute quasi-criminal offences.  Many politicians have resigned over one such scandal, not racks of them.  His government and its leadership in particular have been scandalous and scandal-ridden, and yet no one is ever held to account.  Even Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s external mind and protector, was rehabilitated and given broader powers following public ignominy.  The point of all this seems to be to groom Canadians to both accept and expect corruption from our national leader, which has had a trickle down effect to every other level of government and institution in our country.  This has served him well—or has it?  


After scoring a surprise majority government in the “sunny ways” campaign of 2015, the Liberals strung together successive coalition minority governments with the NDP after disappointing election results in 2019 & 2021.   Last October’s election, called at a cost of over $700M and purposed solely to consolidate a new majority,  saw Trudeau’s Liberals receive less than a third of the popular vote, just barely enough to maintain their grasping power. Despite a slim minority precariously gilded by an unholy alliance with the NDP, the Trudeau government aggressively asserts a progressive globalist agenda aimed at destruction of individual rights and freedoms, crippling Canadian oil and gas production, censorship of the internet, propagation of radical LGBTQ+ agendas, expansion of medically assisted death, complete disarmament of the citizenry, support for a proxy war in Ukraine, and most of all, domestic enforcement of global climate change agenda policies.


Every year, global climate summits feature a parade of hypocrisy as Trudeau and the rest of the world’s elite arrive on private jets to lecture humanity about reducing CO2 emissions.  The recent UN summit in Egypt offers yet more appalling hypocrisy than usual, as the rich piously lectured poor countries about the perils of fossil fuels; this after consuming massive volumes of new gas, coal, and oil.  Ever since the Ukraine proxy war spiked energy prices, wealthy nations have scoured the world for new sources of energy.  This looks rather like imperialism.  The UK for example vehemently denounced fossil fuels at the 2021 Glasgow climate summit but now intends to retain coal-fired plants through the Winter, rather than close them per their previous plan.


Thermal coal imports by the EU from Australia,South Africa, and Indonesia have expanded by more than 11 fold.  A new trans-Saharan gas pipeline will allow Europe to tap directly into gas from Niger, Algeria, and Nigeria.  Cut off from Russian energy and rebuffed by Trudeau, Germany is revitalizing shuttered coal power plants, and Italy plans to import 40% more gas from Northern Africa. Meanwhile, Joe Biden begs Saudi Arabia for more oil instead of granting new leases for domestic oil and gas production. Like Trudeau, Biden signals the hypocrisy of purchasing and consuming massive quantities of foreign produced oil, while sitting on massive domestic reserves, the development and sale of which would bring wealth to his own country and provide affordable energy to the entire world.

Such hypocrisy is simply breathtaking.  Nations like Canada and the U.S. have become rich through exploitation and development of fossil fuels.  Global development organizations like the World Monetary Fund refuse to fund the fossil fuel extraction initiatives that could lift poor countries out of poverty through capitalism.  Of course, the elite prescription for the world’s needy is useless green energy lacking the transformative power of fossil fuels.  A study in Tanzania found that nearly 90% of households given off-grid electricity just want to be connected to the national grid to receive fossil fuel access.  Solar and wind may power a lamp during the day, but they have no measurable impact upon lives in terms of increasing savings or spending, working more or starting businesses, nor improve access to childhood education.  By contrast, a Bangladesh study showed that electrified households experienced a 21% average increase in household income and 1.5% reduction in annual poverty rates.


The greatest deception is how rich leaders like Trudeau manage to portray themselves as green evangelists even as nearly all of their enormous domestic energy production is derived from fossil fuels.  According to the International Energy Agency, developed nations like Canada get only a small fraction of energy from renewables like wood, and just over 2% from solar and wind.  By contrast, Africa is the most renewable dependant continent, with half of their energy coming from wood, straws, and dung.  Burning these indoors poses serious health concerns and produces relatively little energy.  Africa also gets just .3 percent of its energy from solar and wind.


Unlike here in Canada, there is some strong public resistance to this hypocrisy from the world’s developing countries.  Egypt’s finance minister recently noted quite properly that poor countries must not be punished, and warned that climate change policy must not add to human suffering. Put another way:

Europe still explores the world in search of new sources of fossil fuels because that continent, despite its virtue signalling hypocrisy, continues to require oil, gas, and coal for growth, prosperity, and indeed survival.  That same opportunity cannot be withheld from developing countries like Egypt.  Nor can it be denied to developed nations such as Canada, which holds the 4th largest planetary oil and gas reserves, for the sake of a faux global climate crisis.


Justin Trudeau continues to champion a global climate agenda that impoverishes and kills the most vulnerable populations in the world.  He jets around the country and across the globe on the taxpayer dime while working class Canadians struggle to surmount soaring inflation, escalating carbon taxes, and rising interest rates.  His government dismissed out of hand a recent plea from Germany to sell them vital natural gas (which Alberta has in ample supply) because Trudeau regarded this as inconsistent with the Liberal/globalist climate change agenda. That deal would have been lucrative for Canada, and without it many German families are wandering into the Black Forest to harvest trees for fuel to heat their homes; their foolhardy governments having closed vital coal and nuclear plants and spent countless billions on useless wind and solar energy production.  


But perhaps the greatest hypocrisy of all for Trudeau is revealed by his utterly misguided, inverted understanding of his role as our Prime Minister.  He stated it clearly under questioning at the recent Emergencies Act Inquiry:

Keeping Canadians safe is not his job.  The Prime Minister is not the head of a nanny state.  It is authoritarian for him to assume the role of our protector.  His chief duties are instead to uphold the Constitution (including the separation of powers with sovereign Provinces), to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights& Freedoms, and to maintain respect for the Rule of Law.  In short, his job and that of his government is to protect and preserve our freedoms so that we can make decisions about the best way to pursue or own lives.  By consistently holding himself and his government above or outside the Rule ofLaw, Trudeau has trained Canadians to expect corruption, hypocrisy, and a total lack of accountability or transparency from those holding highest public office.  This lowering of expectations from public officials, while at the same time demanding respect for them and their decisions, has had a disastrous effect upon the state of Canadian democracy.  It has crippled our legislatures and infected the political impartiality of our courts, all the while destroying public confidence in these foundational institutions.  Nor can it be said that these developments have been at all beneficial to the person or reputation (such as it is) ofJustin Trudeau.

After watching his tired, pained, lamentable performance at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, one is left to wonder whether all of this hypocrisy has finally taken its toll upon our increasingly maligned Prime Dictator. 


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