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Seventy years ago, William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies, an allegory that sent shivers down our collective spines by exposing the raw hate and brutality hiding in the darkest corners of our minds. Showing that such evil could be present in a group of young school-age children made the tale all the more harrowing. Today we have a plot unfolding on university campuses across North America that, while not yet as ghastly violent, threatens to become so.

The malice is already palpable, with mobs chanting “death to Jews”, “death to Israel”, and “death to America”. Watching students screaming and spitting at Jewish students while blocking them from entering their campus is shocking. Others have vociferously endorsed Hamas, a terrorist group that massacred 1,200 innocent civilians only five months ago, and called for even more mass murder.

Understandably, Jewish students have fled their universities, fearing harm. Even more disturbing are the many faculty members who openly support and joined the so- called Palestinian protests. Columbia University was overrun and has already turned to online classes. USC has cancelled graduation ceremonies. Other campuses will surely follow their example.

In the insane world of victimology dividing the world along Hegelian lines into the oppressed and oppressors, there are many strange bedfellows. Those who might have championed BLM in 2020 or marched for transgender rights in 2022 now incongruously join the Islamic Jihad against Israel and all of Western Civilization.

This is happening despite obvious incompatibilities between disparate groups. “Tyrannies for Hamas” is the ultimate oxymoronic meme; but the idea that misery loves company holds true. The bond of victimhood needs no other adhesion than the hierarchy of intersectionality. Equally telling is the outrage expressed by students whenever there is resistance to their collegiate disruptions. One protestor was genuinely confused, saying that they were “only doing what they have been taught in school”. This sentiment is the buried lede exposing the operation, not as an organic outcry from concerned students; but rather as planned anarchy rooted in a much more sinister and coordinated effort aimed at the cultural destruction schemed by these universities.

Thomas Sowell is an eminent Economics who has spent more than 60 years on elite American University campuses. He states the problem rather adroitly:

"Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity."

Busloads of “students” were spotted near campuses, presumably to add numbers to the chaos. One USC student reported that many protestors hiding behind masks were not USC students at all. According to an administration official, of the 55 arrested on the University of Texas Austin campus, nearly half were non-students.

Whether these are actual students or paid professional agitators, one thing is clear —the many simultaneous campus events sparked in the U.S. & Canada leaves no doubt that NGO money and coordination are fanning the flames. Someone is buying and transporting the tents, equipment, and people appearing on campuses overnight.

Attempts to clear these illegal tent encampments from universities has often turned violent, with hundreds of protestors arrested. At Emerson College, four Boston police officers were injured. Sadly, many students—especially Jewish ones—may never again feel safe at university. One Jewish professor was forced off the Columbia campus by the administration because they could not guarantee his safety. On some campuses, members of the faculty are contributing to the chaos. How can this be happening here, you ask?

We should not be surprised by such behaviour. The Marxist-based intersectionality, DIE, anti-semitism, militant transgenderism, and radical lesbian feminism being taught as formal knowledge at universities today have led inexorably to revolutionary protest. The classic Marxist slogan, “Workers of the world unite”, might be appropriate if any of these young people actually worked. As Dr. Sowell puts it:

"Too much of what is called education is little more than an expensive isolation from reality."

Fractionalized and marginalized woke tribes now look for any offense, from micro-aggressions that defy reason to the recalibrating of words and speech as actual violence. Anything could trigger a reaction. William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and even J.K. Rowling have all earned a trigger warning lest some fragile student be assaulted by literature. Even the woke word “trigger” has itself been cancelled as an evil remnant of the oppressive Western patriarchy.

Safe spaces, segregated graduations, and censorship on all on campus dissent have made bubble kids of modern college students. Instead of learning actual tolerance and being properly immunized through discourse and the debate of ideas, students are more like institutionalized psych patients living in padded cells; drugged with uniform ideological dogma by Marxist professors and prone to violent outbursts at the slightest sign of provocation.

These are the pampered elite, exempt from the same laws of conduct, morality, and economics binding the rest of us. Instead, they are groomed to be nihilists bent upon destroying all norms—just because they can do so.

It could be argued that our educational system is really an anti-education system. There are school districts in the U.S. and Canada with entire graduating classes possessing reading and math skills well below accepted standards. Universities with majors in anti-racism and gender studies certainly have left facts, reality, and reason far behind. Even medical schools are producing doctors with a pledge to DIE rather than the Hippocratic oath exhorting them to “do no harm”.

There are two dangerous reactions to these campus events. One group are apologists. They question whether it is really so bad to see rebellious youth engage in mostly peaceful protests. That was the Summer of Love in 2020. Nothing to see here; like the man who sees a tiger but pretends it to be a kitten. Billions in property damage, dozens of deaths, and scores of injuries later, there are still areas which have not recovered. The other reaction is more the deer in the headlight response from those who refuse to believe their lying eyes and ears. They are in shock; frozen on the spot and unable to run or do anything. In either case, they are easy prey.

Knowing what we do, should we at all expect good behaviour from such a poorly prepared for life, thoroughly indoctrinated, ungrateful group of people?

Perhaps we would do better to demand civil behaviour before it is too late, lest we soon see savages painting their aces and sharpening their spears?

The root of the problem is that these campuses are awash in Marxist ideology and tolerance for Fascist/Nazi tactics, coupled with cowardice and slavish groupthink by professors and presidents. The chaotic and perilous end-product of these idea pathogens is what we are witnessing today: the virulent antisemitism, support for Islamic terrorism, and anti-Western culture attacks prevalent at most colleges and universities.

Thirty-five years ago, The New York Times published a piece entitled “The Mainstreaming of Marxism in U.S. Colleges”. It described how, despite unmitigated failures and the collapse of Marxism globally, communist ideas were becoming mainstream in the halls of Western universities. These Marxists, recognizing that the traditional class conflict argument simply did not work in the U.S. and Canada, instead promoted a simplistic tenet—that the world sets the oppressed vs their oppressors. Thus, the oppressors must be overthrown by any means possible if there is to be a “just and equitable” society. This brilliant blueprint plays on the Western proclivity to invariably cheer for the underdog. The key element of this strategy is to indoctrinate students to view every social relation or interaction through the lens of oppression and Hegelian dialectic conflict.

Who then, are the ‘oppressors’ and who are the ‘oppressed’?

The United States is seen as an apex oppressor nation due to its maniacal devotion to capitalism, the Judeo-Christian underpinning of its founding, slavery, and supposed unbridled colonialism. Thus, the “White” race, and especially heterosexual white men, are irredeemable oppressors. Consequently, Israel, along with the U.S., is an apex oppressor nation as is Canada and all other anglophone nations with indigenous populations.

A tidal wave of groups vying for oppressed status flooded university campuses. Race was no longer a primary criterion, as all were women were included among the oppressed, along with gays and lesbians. Virtually anyone not self-identified as a member of the “White” race was granted ‘oppressed’ status. Self-styled “transsexuals” were also granted unconditional oppressed status, as will pedophiles, who are already rebranded as ‘MAPS’ (Minor Attracted Persons).

Post 9/11, Muslims, on the pretext of alleged rampant Islamophobia, were welcomed into the fold and conferred the highest level of oppressed status in the U.S. & Canada. Beginning in the 1990’s, Islamic factions from the Middle-East began to seize an opportunity to take advantage of the mindless Marxist movement and successfully cast Palestinians as tyrannized by apex oppressors—Israel, the Jews, and the West. They instantly became a cause célèbre on college campuses.

Today’s cultural upheaval can be traced back to success of the Marxist movement on college campuses. So-called “Wokeness”, victimhood, cancel culture, identity politics, the DIE movement, and the self-righteousness of destroying property and livelihoods stem from Western Marxism’s distorted fixation upon oppression and conflict.

It is not merely the indoctrination of students that underlies the ongoing chaos at our colleges and universities; it is also the cowardice and groupthink of administrators and faculty, who are fruits of the same poisonous tree. Their reaction to the most catastrophic event of this century, the collective response to the “pandemic”, revealed the depth of their depravity in the face of adversity.

Bill Rice of The Brownstone Institute investigated the response to Covid by America’s so-called institutions of higher learning:

“One question that interests me is how many of America’s approximately 4,200 or so colleges and 1.5 million faculty members criticized the lockdowns, the myriad non- pharmaceutical interventions and then the non-stop effort to vaccinate the entire world population?...the only college that pushed back against these measures or the ‘authorized narratives’ regarding Covid was Hillsdale College in Southern Michigan, which has only 2,600 students. I could probably name 10 to 20 American professors who went against their peers and consistently shared criticism in interviews, speeches, and articles or scientific papers. In other words, 99.999% of colleges and 99.999% of faculty members either accepted bogus conventional wisdom or were too afraid to publicly challenge myriad false or dubious Covid claims. These so-called leaders were actually followers and they followed—accepted as infallible truths—the wrong bureaucratic guidance, and relied on questionable or incorrect data, which caused them to embrace mandates that caused irreparable and incalculable harm to society.”

This this lemming mindset allowed Marxist ideology to take root, infested virtually all of our colleges and universities, and permitted threats and violence to go unpunished and thus encouraged. The only means of forcing our colleges and universities to stop promoting Marxist ideology and cease tolerating threats and violence on campus is to dramatically cut their annual revenue. All government funding must be severely curtailed and then eliminated for any institutions which persist in pervasive sponsorship of Marxism and abide neo-Fascist tactics.

If our colleges and universities are not urgently and drastically reformed, then we face a rather bleak future given the education that our future leaders are now receiving under prevailing conditions.

Current campus disturbances outwardly resemble past protests. It is as if they all shared a common script—righteous indignation, yelling and screaming slogans, lots of non-negotiable demands, going limp whenever police try to remove them, mounds of trash, and all the rest. Do not be fooled. Today’s protestors are profoundly different despite superficial resemblances, and these differences make them particularly dangerous.

Recent disturbances are made by self-interested participants who are clueless about the reasons for their own activism. Today’s protestors want to eradicate a nation of 9 million people possessing the most powerful, nuclear-equipped army in the Middle East. Moreover, this mission is to be accomplished by shouting violent slogans and disrupting classes.

Brilliant. Honestly, are these kids truly our best and brightest?

Ironically, perhaps the only rational participants in these disturbances are the non- student professional agitators bedecked in their balaclavas, whose mission is just to create violent chaos. They at least have a chance of success.

Stupidity abounds. For instance why are so many pro-Hamas, anti-Israel demonstrators women draped in Muslim headdress, pretending to embrace a religion intolerant of feminism? They must know how women are treated in Muslim-dominated nations. Are these female demonstrators actually demanding an intifada so that they can now obey their husbands unconditionally?

Similarly, what if protesting students holding a “Queers for Palestine” sign or wearing sweatshirts proclaiming “Fags for Palestine” were magically transported to Iran—a theocracy which summarily executes homosexuals? Are those black students rallying for Islam aware that African Muslims are slaughtering blacks in West Darfur? Or that Arabs once dominated the slave trade? Where on the Earth are Muslims helping blacks?

Israel has done far more for these ‘oppressed’ angry protestors than any Muslim nation. Israeli women and gays live in peace and prosperity compared to their counterparts in Muslim countries like Somalia and Pakistan. The state of Israel and Jewish private organizations have long donated billions in assistance to some 43 African nations. Israel rescued thousands of black Jews from Ethiopia and treats them equally. American Jews have been at the forefront of the U.S. civil rights movement. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.

Protestors live in an upside-down world where the “good guys” are the villains, and our friends are the real enemy. How is it possible for 100 professors at Columbia University to call the October 7th slaughter of innocent civilians, beheaded babies, raped women, and hostages a ‘military operation’? One leftist magazine even railed on about the historic anti-colonial struggle of Hamas!

But why, you ask? Well, I happen to have a pet theory.

These protestors are afflicted with a condition we might call “Post-Modern Brain Disorder” or PMBD. Here the stricken live in a universe where words lose their natural meaning and are thus unable to separate good from evil. They are also prone to suggestions that contradict plain reality. For example, traditional mathematics are “white mathematics”so that 2 plus 2 equals 4 just reflects white privilege. PMBD sufferers love esoteric jargon such as ‘cisgendered’, whose terms only make sense to the similarly afflicted. The root of this disorder is prolonged exposure to the postmodernist philosophy taught at prestigious universities—especially lectures on racism and modern gender theory. Dr. Sowell expertly describes the problem:

These students are not being educated; they are instead being groomed, gradually convinced that obvious lies are unassailably true, and vice versa. They then become blank slates upon which their teachers can imprint crackpot messages. They learn, for example, that all people are equally talented in every field so that any differences in acumen or accomplishment merely reveal power. White males in the West are hence the ‘most successful’ simply because they are the most powerful. The entire concept of merit is rejected with everything determined by power, race, sexual identity, and class distinctions. Under such conditions, equality can only be achieved via revolution ousting the white patriarchy—violently, if necessary. In this cosmology, Jews—being white (leaving Sammy Davis Jr aside)—are oppressors marked for elimination.

Among PMBD sufferers, it is clear that Hamas, being comprised of people of colour, is perpetually the innocent victim; that the white Israeli army practices ‘genocide’, even if Hamas commits war crimes by using women and children as human shields. Despite the well documented history and geography of the region, the Jews (being white), have no right to occupy land stolen from the ‘indigenous’ Palestinians, and are thus deserving of extermination. Genocide and terrorism now become social justice, and condemning Palestinian aggression is Islamophobic.

Such political grooming resembles how Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell transformed innocent, naive 14 year old girls into willing concubines for celebrities. They began with innocuously paying for non-sexual massages, gradually ramping up sexual content, little by little creating “willing” sex workers. In the case of college undergrads, under the tutelage of Ivy League academics, they are slowly converted from sensible college students into anti-Semitic Hamas proponents. Like prisoners in Maoist re-education camps, after a year or two in isolation, the transformation is complete.

If asked immediately post 9/11 about the odds that thousands of American and Canadian students enrolled in elite universities might one day openly defend Muslim terrorists, any rational person’s guess would have been ‘less than zero’. That this has now come to pass is a tribute to the mind bending power of tenured intellectuals. In fact, protestors in Philadelphia displayed flags of every known terrorist group in their encampment.

Our universities were once considered great pillars of Western culture and society. Today, they also produce countless useful idiots for radicalized faculty to achieve the once unimaginable—killing millions of Jews. If only Adolf Hitler could see this epilogue to his “final solution”.

There will be consequences, and they will be extreme. Newton’s physical laws also apply to human affairs. A recent Wall Street Journal piece describes outraged parents demanding full tuition reimbursement from riot-torn schools. Many claim that video streamed classes are inadequate and that campuses are unsafe. Other irate parents have vowed to withhold future donations and corporate endowments, upon which universities depend to survive.

A parallel exists with what parents discovered during the COVID lockdowns, when they first encountered, to their horror, that explicit sexual content and critical race theory were core parts of school curricula. Remember all of the drag queen story hours?

The pushback was enormous and continues to resonate. Columbia may yet be the next

Bud Light.

Elite schools will suffer as elected officials ask why college presidents allowed this decades-long ideological march to fester and rot. After all, they personally had to approve the hate-spewing departments, each pink haired faculty appointment, and bloated annual departmental budgets. When superadded to the ongoing carnage caused by DIE —hiring plagiarist functionaries, imposing illegal race preferences, and other such nonsense—heads will roll on campus. Elite schools may lose their lustre. Meanwhile, admission applications to traditional Jewish schools like Yeshiva University have skyrocketed.

PMBD has metastasized for over a decade but has only surfaced now amidst present turmoil and by now, thousands of the infected have already graduated. Due to tenure and administrative inertia, the rot will continue. Nor is this indoctrination likely to be a youthful stage to be outgrown. Today’s keffiyeh wearing anti-semites replacing Old Glory and the Maple Leaf with Hamas banners will soon enter the workforce, propagating their hateful message. If we doubt this for one moment, then just consider how all those college grads indoctrinated into the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity agendas infiltrated the corporations, public schools, and even the military. How else can we begin to explain why so much of the West has gone so WOKE?

Locking up a few thousand violent protestors on campus and taking down their encampments will not even begin to address the real problem.

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