Christian Genocide


In ancient Roman times, Christians were treated as dangerous dissidents who hid underground to avoid capture. If caught, they were routinely fed to the lions to both in still fear and to entertain the masses. Even today, three quarters of worldwide religious persecution is aimed squarely at Christians. Meanwhile, Canada continues to import massive numbers of migrants from countries like Iran, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Yemen, where hatred of Christians is more acute and widespread than anywhere else in the world. In the once devoutly Catholic Province of Quebec, the pulse of Christianity is so faint that foreign evangelical churches send missionaries there to spread the Gospel.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that it was Bloc Québécois MPs who introduced a new law which would criminalize the act of quoting Scripture in defense of Biblical marriage, sexuality, and other foundational Christian teachings.

The proposed Bill C-367, currently under review in the House of Commons would repeal the “religious exemption” in s.319 of the Criminal Code of Canada—thereby exposing Christians and other religious groups to “hate speech” charges over any comments or criticisms of the LGBT cult.

Bill C-367 specifically targets s.319(3)(b) and s.319(3.1)(b) of the Code, which prohibit any conviction on hate speech charges if “in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text.”

Once this exemption is gone, any religious or faith-based expression challenging gender ideology, child sexualization, and other similar topics could be deemed by Canadian courts as “hate speech” and lead to criminal conviction or even gaol for Canadian Christians.

Introduced in November of last year, Bill C-367 has only had initial reading in Parliament. It is unclear when or if the law will come into force. Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet claims that the Bill is in response to recent antisemitic demonstrations in Canada—including one in which a Muslim activist called upon God to ‘exterminate Zionist aggressors’. Organizations like the Canadian pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) warn that legislation could lead to more criminal prosecutions against Christians.

In February, David Cooke, CLC’s campaign manager wrote: “No longer will we be allowed to share God’s design for human sexuality and marriage in public. No longer will we be able to speak out in the name of God against drag shows for kids, child drag, or child sex change...All this could be misconstrued as ‘hate speech’ against the LGBT community. Even our pro-life message could be spun as a ‘hate crime’ against women.”

Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, says that if passed, Bill C-367 “Would be a devastating legal tool to attack people of faith in Canada and allow the politicians working through the courts and police to send devout believers to jail for quoting the Bible or other religious texts...the same methods that overseas dictators and despots use to silence and strangle Christianity are now being used by political enemies in the West, with this current Bill being only the latest example.”

He called upon Christians and other Canadians of faith to make their voices heard by Canadian government officials: “Canadians that enjoy the fruits of democracy need to wake up. Any politician in the West who pushes for this kind of legislation and is selling ‘protection and unity’ by advancing hate speech laws is an enemy of freedom and democracy, and willing to undermine the religious and speech laws that protect all citizens to advance their special interest or to inflict damage on their political enemies.”

Over the past decade, the Trudeau regime has passed a number of laws aimed at curbing free speech in deference to the LGBT lobby. In 2017, the unelected Senate passed a law against correct usage of gender pronouns by adding protections for gender identity and expression into the Canadian Human Rights Code. Last September, legislators in Ontario approved a ban on any form of communication that could cause an LGBT-identified person to ‘feel harassed’ or ‘offended’ following a massive parental rights rally. The bylaw approved by city councilors in Waterloo came in response to a new policy enacted by several local school boards. The policy states that parents shall not be told if their child decides to change their pronouns or to identify as the opposite sex, non-binary or gender fluid.

In Calgary Alberta last year, Mayor Jodi Gondek spearheaded a local by-law criminalizing any protest of drag queen story hour events in that city, resulting in multiple arrests and imposition of several fines against peaceful Christian protestors. Meanwhile, multiple assaults of these protestors by LGBT counter-protestors were witnessed by police and others without a single arrest being made.

Similar hate speech laws were enacted several years ago in Great Britain. In 2018 alone, 3338 arrests were made there. In a recent case, an English woman was dragged out of her kitchen by the very police officer about whom the offender had posted a disparaging comment on Facebook alluding to the officer’s LGBT identity. In a more recent case, a young white woman posted a loving tribute to a black male friend who had just committed suicide. The post included the lyrics to the deceased’s favourite rap song, which naturally made several references to the “n” word. The offender merely reproduced the lyrics, verbatim. She was charged with hate speech, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced. She now has a criminal record for life.

Why then are Christians suddenly under such blatant attack in places like Canada, the U.S., & Britain?

Christianity stands athwart the neo-Marxist over-arching goal of creating an all-powerful government, free of any competing moral or ethical authority. Since the West was founded upon Biblical principles, neo-Marxists must drive Christianity from the public square and uncouple us from our deep Judeo-Christian roots. The left’s latest effort has been to attack “Christian nationalism”.

If you are a believing Christian, you are likely mystified by this newly fabricated classification. According to Politico’s top reporter, Heidi Przbyla, it is a small subset of Christians—evil ones—who want to establish a theocracy. Their defining characteristic is the false belief that God Himself grants each of us immutable rights to life, liberty, and property.

Przybyla was later aghast that anyone dared criticize her for this obscene and historically illiterate nonsense. She tried to defend herself with an unhinged argument of pure nihilism. To paraphrase: no one truly knows what God wants; thus, we cannot look to the Bible for moral lessons. In short, all Biblical commands become illegitimate once humans interpret them. She naturally stopped there, before applying that bit of crazed reasoning to anything else involving human communication or wisdom.

Progressive media are now engaged in an effort to portray “Christian Nationalism” as an existential threat. This concerted fear mongering against Christians carefully avoids discussing the Bible, and for good reason. The fundamental messages of the Bible are morality, the sanctity of human life, and the necessity of impartial justice. Indeed, one of the first commands God gave to the Israelites before they entered the Promised Land was to create courts to administer “true justice to the people.” God emphasized that these judges “must not distort justice; you shall not show partiality...Justice, and justice alone, shall you pursue.” (Deuteronomy 16:18-20)

Rabbi Hillel the Elder, the great 1st century BC Hebrew scholar, when asked to explain the entirety of the Torah or Pentateuch (the opening five books of the Old Testament) said: “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour. That is the whole Tora; the rest is the explanation of this—go and study it!”

Jesus Christ reformulated this principle, summing up the core message of Christianity with his second commandment:

“Love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Matthew 7:12)

In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul explains that a Christian should submit to earthly government (Romans 13:7). Jesus drove this point home when He said “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s” (Matthew 22:21) This is scary stuff to neo-Marxists, but does it reveal even a ghost of actual radicalism?

Christianity was the undisputed foundation of pre-Enlightenment Western Civilization. Many of the Enlightenment’s greatest figures, particularly in the Anglo-American tradition, remained people of faith, such as the father of the Scientific Method, Sir Francis Bacon (1651-1726). Bacon “promoted scientific experimentation as a way of glorifying God and fulfilling scripture.” Other Enlightenment figures—particularly in France—were radicals like Denis Diderot who embraced atheism and socialism, an ideological combo which has produced dire consequences for humanity.

In the Anglo-American branch of the Enlightenment, the most influential political philosopher was John Locke, an English physician and Christian who wrote his Second Treatise of Government in 1690. Locke explicitly ground his political philosophy in the Bible. He argued that rights to life, liberty, and property, as well as being subject to laws made only by a freely elected legislature, were not grants from government to be withdrawn at its pleasure; but instead were derived from natural laws bequeathed to all mankind by a Christian God. Government thus could not legitimately withdraw these rights or violate them, and citizens could justifiably rebel if the state attempted do so. The Second Treatise became the American justification for revolution and a map for the liberal democracy set out in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In 1750, Boston Puritan minister Jonathan Mathew relied upon Locke’s reasoning to deliver his own Biblical exegesis on government, God-given rights, and justified rebellion in a famous sermon entitled Unlimited Submission. It was the morning gun of the American Revolution. Mayhew wrote to justify Puritan actions during the bloody English Civil War a century earlier, which culminated in execution of the Anglican tyrant, Charles I, for treason.

Mayhew grounded English rights and representative government in Scripture, particularly Romans 13:1-7, and reasoned from Scripture that Christians had a duty to revolt against a tyrant violating their basic rights to life, liberty, or property. Mayhew’s sermon had a profound impact upon 15 year-old future President John Adams, who sat in the pews that day. Mayhew also had his sermon published and copies distributed throughout the 13 Colonies and Britain.

Christianity was at the forefront of the march to revolution that followed. Famously, in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson invoked immutable, God-given rights to justify rebellion against a tyrant who violated those rights. Jefferson’s reasoning and prose were lifted from John Locke. In the months leading up to his penning of the Declaration, Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet that caused a sea change in colonial support for independence. Paine opens Common Sense with religious based natural law arguments against the English monarchy.

Benjamin Franklin was also pivotal to the rise of Christian evangelicalism in America. He proposed in 1776 that the Great Seal of the United States depict Israelites escaping Egypt as recounted in Exodus, under the motto “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” Jefferson so admired this idea that he adopted it for his personal seal. It is therefore irrefutable that the men who drafted and approved the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Constitution (1787), and the Bill of Rights (1791) believed that the rights to life, liberty, property, and representative government flowed from God. Government thus could not infringe them.

The canard of “Christian nationalism” comes from the atheist path that brought the Enlightenment to a bloody end with the French Revolution. Virtually all of our modern social ills can be traced directly back to that Revolution, which birthed socialism and a modern police state vested with absolute power. Naturally, the first thing the French radicals had to do to remake society was rid the nation of a competing system of morality and authority— Christianity—and this they did with brutality and murder. As George Neumayr explained: “The secularists of the French Revolution regarded the Roman Catholic Church as the last obstacle to atheism’s final triumph. Blurting this out, the French dilettante Denis Diderot proposed to his fellow revolutionaries that they strangle the last priest with the “guts of the last king.”

The French Revolution’s legacy has been a disaster for humanity. Over 100 million people died in the 20th century alone because of communist, socialist, and fascist police states unmoored from Christianity. Moreover, the children of the French Revolution—people like gay pederast Michel Foucault and radical Marxist Herbert Marcuse—overtook the West’s ivory towers by poisoning it with postmodernism, critical theory, DIE, queer theory, and above all, atheism.

Today, the legacy of the French Revolution gives us the false flag of Christian Nationalism. It is a charge that relies upon historical illiteracy to redefine us. It must be fought tooth and nail, for the stakes could not be higher.

But then again, could it be that attacks upon Christians like Bill C-367 are in fact a sign that we are winning? That the enemies of freedom and truth are in fact becoming desperate?

Imagine that you are awakened in the middle of the night by a loud crash coming from the pantry. You grab your trusty baseball bat from underneath the bed and venture downstairs to see what is causing the ruckus. To your astonishment, you discover that a gigantic grizzly has shattered the front door and is now foraging around for a late night snack. Your next decision could mean life or death. Do you avoid getting between the bear and the exit, hoping that it leaves? Or do you corner it for a life or death final showdown—your bat versus 800 pounds of hungry muscles, claws, and teeth?

Only the insane would choose to place a dangerous animal in a position where its only option is to fight; but no one ever accused leftists of being sane. Hence, they are trying to corner us, leaving no peaceful means of resolving our differences with them.

Our rights, including freedom of religious expression, are inalienable. They are not granted by men, but are God given. As such, our Constitution is not the source of these rights. it is a pact to honour the “Supremacy of God”, including His gifts, and our elected leaders are duty bound to comply.

Of course, dishonourable people break their word habitually. Our current self-proclaimed defender of democracy seems to have little regard for Canada, our Constitution, or us. He has continued the work begun by his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau—undermining our civil liberties with zeal.

Radicals cannot cancel that which comes from God, but they can work to deny us the means to exercise our rights—which is a manifestation of tyranny. As they do so, they seem unconcerned that we are the metaphorical grizzly being cornered, leaving us no further option but to maintain our life, liberty, and property. This a dangerous game for them, and they know it. The Liberals are keenly aware of the polls which see them dropping like a stone. More than 70% of Canadians want Justin Trudeau to resign, and the ascendancy of Pierre Polliviere appears to be inexorable. One recent poll even stated that the Liberals have a 99% chance of losing the next election.

Canadians know that we have the right to free speech, so that we may resolve our differences via civil discourse rather than violence. But the radicals are limiting our ability to debate in public through dystopian laws like the new “On-line Harms” bill, C-63, which essentially criminalizes public dissent of any speech which the government deems “hateful”. Our government colluded with social media companies to censor free speech. The government controls mass media outlets by bribing them with our own tax dollars. Conservative journalists have been arrested for questioning leftist narratives. Private companies and universities are even bowing to leftist pressure and canceling the employment of those guilty of wrong think. Lawfare is being used to sue those with opposing opinions into bankruptcy —and our courts seem unconcerned. We are less able to speak our minds in public now than at any time in living memory.

We have a natural right to religious observance. Yet our ability to assemble for worship was cancelled for a “pandemic” over a virus now recognized to be nothing more than another strain of seasonal flu. Those standing up for the sanctity of life are being targeted for criminal prosecution, and Christians are being labelled potential domestic terrorists.

We have rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Yet the Trudeau government appealed a Federal Court decision finding it in violation of that fundamental freedom over seizure of bank accounts during the Trucker Convoy of 2022. They seized bank and phone records through civil asset forfeiture—even when no crime was alleged. The RCMP and CSIS now spy on us rather than the enemy, and in fact have been infiltrated by the Chinese government.

We have a right to due process—otherwise known as equal protection under the law. Yet few would deny that we now have decidedly unequal protections. Equity has succeeded equality for all functional purposes. Activist judges enable the targeting of conservatives for non- criminal offenses while excusing leftists for even the most egregious crimes. In the U.S., blacks comprising 6% of the population commit 60% of homicides, but routinely receive clemency from judges who cite neo-Marxist slogans like systemic racism as excuses for violent crime. Sanctification of the thug who was George Floyd is the ultimate example of this phenomenon.

We have a right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, unless you were a peaceful protestor in Ottawa in February of 2022, or one of the hapless Coutts 4, imprisoned for over two years on trumped up charges and denied bail. Then you are subject to years in solitary confinement.

We have a right to be secure in our property. Yet our businesses were shuttered for a pandemic, and our financial resources involuntarily donated to companies that were “too big to fail” or paid to tyrannical governments in support of foreign wars in far flung places like Ukraine and Gaza.

We have a right to govern ourselves through elections. Yet our own government works to suppress investigation of its complicity in foreign interference in our elections by the CCP. Adding insult to injury, the Liberals refuse to call an election, despite the fact that they are a minority government since 2019, propped up only by a tawdry alliance with the NDP. They are the least popular government in modern Canadian history. Even Pierre Elliot Trudeau had enough integrity to face the reality of his own massive unpopularity 40 years ago, when he took his infamous “walk in the snow” and then resigned after 16 years of tormenting middle-class Canadians.

These radicals have systematically undermined our ability to practice many of our cherished freedoms. But they have failed regarding one of our rights. As Christians, we have the right —and the duty—to meet tyranny with resistance.

Just as with our other divine gifts, the radicals have plotted to prevent us from exercising our right of self-protection by limiting our access to the necessary tools. But with each attempt to restrict this right, guaranteed by the 1688 English Bill of Rights, gun sales have only increased. Justin Trudeau has now triggered more gun sales than any Prime Minister in history. Nor are there enough bombs or bullets in the government inventory to subdue this bear—millions of angry, freedom loving Canadians with 40 plus million guns and untold billions of rounds of ammunition.

The Liberals are fond of accusing their opponents of doing that which they are already doing. They claim that conservatives threaten democracy, while they systematically chip away at the very foundation of Canada—to the point that 7 in 10 of us describe our nation as “broken”. They are trying to block our path to freedom while accusing Pierre Polliviere of being a MAGA tyrant. In perhaps the most starkly revealing moment of his entire political career, PM Trudeau recently shouted the biting accusation across the aisle during Question Period in the House of Commons that his nemesis just “wants to make Canada great again, and that is not what Canadians want!”

Do the radicals really want to back us into a corner, in which defending ourselves from our own government becomes the sole course of action? Do they want our only means to preserve freedom to be the use of force? Or is that a contest which the left simply could not win?

I am not advocating violence. Nor am I saying that as Christians, we must continually turn the other cheek when faced with constant assaults by our enemies. I merely caution that denying a freedom-loving people any peaceful means of resolving their differences is most unwise. I cannot know how many Christians in Canada would take up arms to defend their God-given rights, but it would surely be foolish to force that decision. The radicals need to calm their hatreds and realize the idiocy of cornering the animal that has the means to destroy them.

In order to witness how fearful they are of us, just look at any recent video of Justin Trudeau scurrying from a building to a waiting limousine under cover of his heavily armed security detail. They even send decoy cars to alternate locations to draw away the angry mob shouting ‘hate speech’ at him. If words really are violence, then Justin Trudeau is the most abused politician in Canadian history—and so he should be.

Can any greater challenge than Trudeau be presented to Canadian Christians commanded by the Lord to love our enemies?

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